Forward and Reverse Rig


The forward reverse motor control is used in a system where forward and backward or upward and downward movement in the operation are

needed. this rig shows trainees the connection and the use of a forward-reverse motor control.

Control Logix Training Rig


The allen bradley control rig is fitted with an allen bradley SLC504 plc, complete with its communication cable, rslinx and rslogix

500, all with the suitable driver, this rig was designed to help trainees familiarizes themselves with the allen brandley PLC and

Siemens Training Rig

Pnuematic Process Rig



Process Control Training Rig


Process Control is the active changing of the process based on the results of process monitoring.This process control rig is fitted

with an allen bradley micrologix PLC, level switches, both high level sensors and low level sensors and a control system, all to give the

trainees a sense of what process control is like in the industry.

The waletic diadatic training rigs is a system specially designed to aid students in understanding and handling instruments found in the field.





Automation Engineering Academy has built and incorporated several training rigs for numerous prominent universities and polytechnics, further

improving education on automation, therefore bridging the gap between classroom and industry.

Star delta starter is a type of reduced voltage starter. We use it to reduce starting current without using any external device or apparatus. A star

delta starter is the most commonly used method for the starting of a 3 phase induction motor. this training rig was made with the intention to

introduce trainees to the concept of star-delta and its use in the industry

Smart traffic Control System or Intelligent traffic lights are a vehicle traffic control system that combines traditional traffic lights with an array

of sensors and artificial intelligence to intelligently route vehicle and pedestrian traffic. This system was designed to simulate the real world traffic

control system, using PLC programming and sensors, giving the trainees sense of immersion, of the real world application of a traffic control system.


Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

A variable frequency drive (VFD) is a type of motor controller that drives an electric motor by varying the frequency and voltage of

its power supply. The VFD also has the capacity to control ramp-up and ramp-down of the motor during start or stop, respectively.