UI Automation Centre: Courses Available

Below are the courses we offer at our UI Automation Centre:

1Basic Siemens Step 7 PLCOpen3 days1 months (Saturdays only)
2Advanced Siemens Step 7 PLCOpen5 days4 months (Saturdays only)
3Basic Allen Bradley PLC (Rs 500) using MicroLogix PLCs Open3 days2 months (Saturdays only)
4Advanced Allen Bradley PLC (Rs 500) using PLC5 Open4 days1 month (Saturdays only )
5Siemens HMI Using WinCCOpen3 days1 month (Saturdays only)
6Allen Bradley HMI Using FacotyTalkOpen3 days1 month (Saturdays only)
7Boiler Operation and Maintenance Open4 days1 month (Saturdays only)
8Boiler Analytical Fault FindingOpen2 days2-Saturdays
9Motor and Controls Open3 days1 month (Saturdays only )
10Basic HVACOpen2 days1 month (Saturdays only )
11Electro – pneumaticsOpen4 days1 month (Saturdays only )
12Variable Frequency Drive (Danfos/Telemechinque/Flex Open2 daysNo Weekend
13Electrical TroubleshootingOpen3 daysNo Weekend
14Conveyor TechnologyOpen3 days1 month (Saturdays only)
15MCL15 Micro Controller (Choice of PLC, or ATMEGA) Open5 daysNo Weekend
16Printed Circuit Board Design using Eagle and GraverOpen3 daysNo Weekend
17Mechanical Fitting and TreadingOpen2 days1 Month (Saturdays Only)
18Mechanical Drive and ControlOpen2 daysNo Weekend
19Unified Problem SolvingOpen4 days1 Month (Saturdays Only)
20Good Manufacturing PracticeOpen1/2 daysNo Weekend
21Electrical Hazard and Safety Practice for None ElectronicsOpen1 daysNo Weekend
22Productivity IndicatorOpen1 daysNo Weekend
23Computerized Preventive MaintenanceOpen2 daysNo Weekend
24Electrical Rewinding TechnologyOpen
25GSM, Mobile Phone and Smart Devices RepairOpen5 daysNo Weekend
26Design and Fabrication of Ice Block MachineOpen3 daysNo Weekend
27Operating Integrating OI AppliedOpen3 daysNo Weekend
28Gas Testing and Gas FreeingOpen2 daysNo Weekend
29Process IsolationOpen2 daysNo Weekend
30System, Application and ProductsOpenVariesNo Weekend