TIA Portal Programming 3

The third in a three-part series, this course will teach participant to leverage the power of TIA Portal software with advanced structured programming techniques. A systems approach to efficiently programming the S7-1500,S7-1200, S7-300, and S7- 400 PLC is covered.Participant will expand their knowledge regarding the re-usability of STEP 7 blocks and their storage in user libraries while gaining an introduction to programming languages Statement list (STL), Structured Control Language (SCL) and S7-GRAPH.

Upon completion of this course, the participant shall be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of the advantages of optimally created blocks and be able to program them.
  • Efficiently implement the concepts of multiple Instances.
  • Declare variables of complex data types.
  • Commission a given SCL block.
  • Configure alarms using Alarm Number Method.
  • Commission a PID controller with automatic optimization.
  • Create user-specific blocks for reporting,handling and analyzing program errors.
  • Manage recipes in SIMATIC HMI.
  • Set-up communication between SIMATIC CPUs based on Industrial Ethernet.
  • Integrate and connect to PROFINET IO and HMI


  • Functions, function blocks, and multi-instances
  • Creation and application of complex data structures
  • Indirect addressing of complex data structures and parameters
  • Library functions for integrated error handling through fault masking
  • CPU - CPU communication via Industrial Ethernet
  • Administration of a recipe database in the operator control and monitoring system (HMI)
  • Commissioning of the TIA system model with distributed I/O on PROFINET IO
  • Configuration and application of Technology Objects
  • Introduction to functional safety
  • Familiarisation of Structured Control Language (SCL) and S7-GRAPH
  • Overview of the engineering tools for all aspects of the TIA Portal
  • Deeper understanding of contents through practical exercises on SIMATIC S7-1500 system model
  • Programmers
  • Commissioning engineers
  • Engineering personnel
  • SIMATIC S7 knowledge corresponding to attendance on the TIA Programming 2 practical experience in using the knowledge.

5 Days