SIMATIC S7 – Service & Maintenance Course Part I

Training Objectives

This course is directed to users and maintenance personnel of SIMATIC S7 programmable controllers.

Main Features

• The SIMATIC STEP 7 system family
• STEP 7 installation techniques and components
• PLC installation and wiring techniques
• Hardware handling
• From process to project- the SIMATIC manager
• Hardware configuration and addressing of signal modules
• CPU properties
• Symbolic notation and symbols table handling
• LAD/ FBD / STL editor
• Commissioning and monitoring/modifying variables
• Linear/structured programming techniques
• Debugging a program
• Binary operations and gates
• Flip flops ƒ Edge detection
• Number formats/load and transfer operations
• Counters/timers
• Rewiring of programs
• Documentation functions, saving and archiving
• Copying a program to a memory card ETHERNET COMS with S7 Connections
• SYSTEM operating with communications
• Handling external devices using FDL or FMS
• Examples