SIMATIC S7 Service and Maintenance 2

This course uses a 'hands-on' practical approach to reinforce the theoretical aspects of the training. Practical tasks are undertaken using distributed Profibus nodes and S7-300. This course is for SIMATIC S7-300-400 PLC users with basic SIMATIC control system knowledge who install or maintain automation systems and their application programs. This course continues skill development in troubleshooting and modifying a control system focusing upon maintenance and integration of system blocks into a program. Configuration and integration of an HMI and drive system into the participant's application project builds experience managing a complete automated control system. The course format consists of instruction and hands-on exercises.Participants will use test, debug and diagnostic tools to complete the programming and system integration exercises.

On completion of this course the participant will be able to:-

  • Be familiar with ways you can use different block types (FC, FB, OB, and DB).
  • Become familiar with the principles of analogue value processing
  • Eliminate software errors that lead to a CPU stop.
  • Eliminate logical software errors, such as multiple assignments.
  • Save and document program changes that have been made.
  • Use the data block access functions.
  • Access and use the processed analog values.
  • Hardware and Software Commissioning - review
  • Data Storage in Blocks
  • Functions and function blocks
  • Organization Blocks
  • Analogue processing and programming
  • Troubleshooting
  • System information
  • MPI Network Commissioning
  • Tags and HMI Messages
  • Drive to PLC Configuration

This course is aimed at service/maintenance personnel who are interested in solving a variety of SIMATIC S7 tasks, and have attended the S7 Service & Maintenance course.

The ability to use a MS Windows PC, keyboard and mouse to include opening and closing programs, locating files, copy and paste objects /data (text, etc). Drag and drop files, objects/data (text, etc). Use of menus and multi-menus, manipulation of windows within a multi-window environment. Use of MS Windows Help. Must have attended the Siemens S7 Service & Maintenance 1 Course

5 Days