1. To contribute and advance technology knowledge and skill competencies among members of the engineering faculties of most tertiary institutions in Nigeria and Africa. This will be principally in the areas of automation, robotic engineering process & control and mechatronics system through the designs, manufacturing and development of didactic training equipment to all tertiary institutions.
  2. To be the number one indigenous Nigerian company that transforms research findings into finished products in the field of embedded systems and industrial machineries for the industrial growth of the country and Africa at large.
  3. To provide the critical linkage between education, science, technology, innovation and a functional, productive and efficient labour market.
  4. To equip, sharpen and broaden the dynamic capabilities of personnel engineers engaged or intending to work in the Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Engineering Industries with world-class automation, instrumentation, automobile and industrial IT skills through provision of quality training and substantial hands-on experience to ensure their continued superior performance and improved overall competitiveness.
  5. To widen access to Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and serve the needs of the industry and self-empowerment of the nation’s citizens.
  6. To use 21-Century technology to deliver up-to-date curricula and skills relevant to the need of employers in the labour market.
  7. Seek to develop learners’ capacity to think creatively,.
  8. To train and ensure that students understand how their expertise fits into a framework for improving the society and fulfilling the national development goals.
  9. To set standards in design and delivery of competency and skills-based education and training.
  10. To provide job opportunities for competent human resources through establishing linkage to industries and recruitment agencies. critically and transform knowledge and skills into wealth and a broader economic base