HMI using Siemens ProTool

The course outlines the various TP's and OP's of Siemens and their options. How to use ProTool in programming, documenting, implementing and supporting projects. The differences between the programming packages of ProTool, ProTool-Lite and Pro will also be discussed.

  • Siemens TP's and/or OP's functionality
  • Communications options between TP's and/or OP's and various PLC processors
  • Instructions for using ProTool package
  • General parameters, function keys, LED control, failure- and process signals
  • Recipe processing
  • Settings and communication parameters
  • Specific for TP's: process images with import- and export fields, bar- and line charts


This course is designed for those who start using SIMATIC TP’s (Touch Panels) and/or OP’s (Operator Panels). For those who implement, program and design TP and/or OP and want to develop programs using ProTool for TP and/or OP.

To join this course pre-knowledge on PC’s and Windows is required. Some knowledge on programming similar operator interfaces and digital technique is advantageous. We recommend this training to those who have followed the S7/STEP 7 course.

3 Days