Electro Pnuematics


The depth of this course spans from the function, properties and operation of selected pneumatic components to the set-up of pneumatic diagrams  and configuration of basic electrical devices to in the system design. The fundamentals of pneumatic engineers need to know are covered here. This training is recommended to anybody who plans to attend more advanced training courses.

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Electropneumatics TRAINING SOLUTIONS


  • Physical basics and connections
  • Features of pneumatics
  • Compressed air generation, compressor types
  • Compressed air conditioning, drying and distribution
  • Directional, flow, pressure and isolator valves
  • Single- and double-acting cylinders
  • Holding element control, impulse valve
  • Velocity and stop control
  • Path-dependent controls, end position switches
  • Time- and pressure-dependent controls
  • Sequence controls with signal overlapping
  • Basic circuits of electro-pneumatics
  • Introduction to vacuum technology
  • Symbols and circuit diagrams according to DIN ISO 1219
  • Basic component design
  • Practical exercises with our Didactic¬† pneumatic t Rig

Learning targets

  • Understanding the basic set-up of pneumatic systems
  • Understanding the function and set-up of selected pneumatic components
  • Reading and evaluating pneumatic diagrams
  • Handling pneumatic systems during planning and in operational everyday life


Technical understanding

Target groups

People interested in pneumatics, personnel involved in planning, operation, maintenance and assembly, design engineers