Automation and Engineering academy LTD is approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria as an Entrepreneurship Development

institute. We act on behalf of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to train, certify and  assist applicant to process and access the

CBN loan for agric business, small and medium enterprises investment scheme.(AGSMEIS).


The AGSMEIS loan is a platform for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs to access up to Ten Million Naira (10,000,000) loan at

5% interest per annum for up to 10 years repayment plan and 18 months Moratorium period foe SMEs in the following


  • Agriculture and Agro-Allied processing,
  • Creative and Art Industries(Fashion,Beauty,Art and Entertainment,etc),
  • Manufacturing,
  • Information and Communication Technology(Telecommunications,Media & Publishing),
  • Engineering and Technology(Automobile, Electrical, Welding and Fabrication,etc)



1. Enrol with a CBN certified EDI for a one-week training in offline or online mode

2. Purchase a CBN approved business plan and submit through your EDI

3. The EDI shall collate, appraise and submit applications to CBN.

4. CBN shall consider the application and invite applicants for interviews

5. Upon approval, CBN shall approve the loan and disburse to necessary vendors
as applicable


For more Information on this service please visit CBN/NIRSAL website via this link. please click here, thank you.