Advanced SLC-500

This course begins with a review of the training demo unit creating a project for use with it. I/O Configuration is covered in depth. The creation of the program routines needed for the class as well as the logic to call them is then presented. Move and word level logic instructions are introduced, followed by the scaling of analog data. The last two lessons are related in that they deal with working with more than a single word of data at a time.

 This course also look at some miscellaneous math and logic instructions to decode / encode data and deal with the high-speed clock. The communication instructions are then examined to allow peer to peer communications. The STI and DII interrupts are then used, and the module is completed with a review of the shift register instructions.

Upon the completion of the course, participant shall be able to:

  • Create a program using Ladder logic
  • Use the Move and Word level logic instructions
  • Work with more than a single word data at a time
  • Use the Shift Register Instruction
  • Understand process control and PID instruction

Day 1

  • Introduction to the Demo
  • I/O Configuration Advanced
  • Program Control
  • Move and Logical Instructions
  • Scale Instruction
  • Indirect and Indexed Addressing
  • File Instructions


Day 2

  • Miscellaneous Math Instructions
  • Communication Instructions
  • Selectable Timed Interrupt
  • I/O Interrupts
  • Shift Register Instructions


Day 3

  • FBC and DDT Instructions
  • FIFO and LIFO Instructions
  • Sequencers
  • The PID Instruction

Anyone needing to maintain or program a SLC-500 PLC

Knowledge of Basic SLC-500 or equivalent experience is required

3 Days