Siemens offers a comprehensive range of building automation systems which are optimally matched so you profit from minimized installation and operating costs, and from a high level of security against failure. These systems do not allow high consumption of energy with its control approach that gives room for excellent flexibility.

Building Automation

Acvatix Valves & Actuators

The extensive Acvatix product range offers you valves and actuators with a long service life that meet any control or hydraulic requirements, when it comes to the generation, distribution, and usage of heating or cooling energy. They are also ideally suited for district heating/cooling, steam, or drinking water applications as well as modernizations or renovations.

Thermostat & Sensors

Saving energy thanks to highly accurate measurements – Symaro sensors record and transmit readings extremely quickly and accurately, providing an optimal basis for precise and therefore energy- and cost-efficient control of the entire HVAC plant.

Desigo CC

Desigo Control Center or Desigo CC is an integrated building management platform from Siemens. It offers a comfortable, easy and efficient way to operate, monitor, optimize and manage your building facilities. With Desigo CC, you can control and optimize all the systems in the building: heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, shading, room automation, energy management, and fire safety as well as security services like video surveillance and intrusion protection.


Synco™ offers a flexible, modular controller range for all requirements and high energy efficiency – from standalone controllers for basic applications to system-capable controllers with KNX communication.

Fire Safety

FireFinder XLS/XSLV (UL) System

Nothing protects people and property like a FireFinder® XLS system. FireFinder XLS is an intelligent fire detection system that can be networked and configured with or without optional voice evacuation providing a survivable system design that integrates state of the art and emerging technologies.

FireFinder XLSV delivers integrated digital voice that can make all the difference for faster and easier building evacuation. Ideal for highly populated buildings and complexes the system offers features that facilitate emergency communication.


Cerberus PRO (UL) is an excellent and intelligent fire protection system for a variety of applications.This industry leading system ensures maximum safety and optimal protection of people and assets, business security and processes


The Siemens fire safety system Cerberus PRO combines high safety standards and leading edge technology. The product portfolio comprises different fire control panels, fire detectors, peripheral devices and accessories. It is suited for both standalone systems and extensive networks. Cerberus PRO is exclusively delivered through certified Siemens Solution Partners.